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Where the heck am I?

Welcome to! Home to the blogger named "Stingite" or "The Friendly Necromancer" or "Gleek" or "Tom" or what have you.


Thanks to for hooking me up with this widget! :)

Why am I here?

You're here because you were looking for meaning in your life . . . or you just wanted to stalk me or something. Definitely not for the humor and news. I talk about a number of videogames and pay closer attention to a select few of them through fan blogs. You probably got here that way: from random clicking on one of my blogs. It's cool, relax. You might dig it here.

What can I do here?

Do? Do?! You an read about cool stuff that I write about! Watch some videos, listen to music, or buy a T-shirt. Heck, in the future I may actually have some forums and games to play and whatnot. I get crazy like that. This site will always be under development (or out of business).

How do I contact you?

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