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                            Green shaped "as the speed of agricultural development in xinjiang

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                            The breeze yellow side of the road of p. euphratica, autumn in southern xinjiang has a quiet beauty. In this big cotton field, participate in the activities of the 332 dealers with a number of both the is of cotton, discuss the yield and quality, brought some clever for this fall and the smell of harvest. "I'm going to finish this cotton tree back to the store and let farmers know that it is out of green shaped effect." From the red flag slope farm aksu region dealers anikayoo seem to be very happy: "could you please take a photograph of me, to let farmers know that I am in the field of demonstration, applied are real!"

                            On October 10, sponsored by the jiangsu Middle East chemical fertilizer co., LTD. "green shaped compound fertilizer cotton, red jujube, the scene had" held in xinjiang production and construction corps alaer twelve group. At present during the season for harvesting crops, through panel field yield shows that the cost of inputs such as or under such as fertilizer, can use the green cotton and jujube than traditional farmers fertilizer, the yield increased by 55.7% and 43.2% respectively, significant effect. From nanjing institute Lin Xian expensive soil of Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences' zhang, a researcher at the xinjiang academy of agricultural sciences' institute of soil fertilizer and agricultural water-saving wan-li xu, a researcher at the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences' zhengzhou fruit tree research institute yi-bin feng, a researcher at leadership with Yang Jian researcher and jiangsu in the Middle East experts and more than hundreds of dealers and planting large near to participate in the activities. (nlgi 's54th annual)

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