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                            Jiangsu Middle East: the birth of Good

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                            Increase 24.4%! Yield the final quote this number when liu AoGen smiled to smile, I would say 20% to 30%, it appears that the effect is good. Last year we did two acres of demonstration, than traditional farmers use imported fertilizer production almost 40%! "Green shaped" compound fertilizer in low fertility level can increase rate of from 30% to 40%, high fertility could increase by 20% to 30%, is consistent with the results of today. The laughter of the young and liu AoGen let everyone recognized his "green shaped" full of confidence.

                            On September 10, sponsored by the jiangsu Middle East chemical fertilizer co., LTD. "green shaped" potato field chahar right wing HouQi held rallies in Inner Mongolia wulanchabu city. Amid the potato harvest season, the scene production measurement results show that using Middle East green shaped potato fertilizer than traditional farmers yield increased by 24.4%, with imports of fertilizer effect is very obvious. From nanjing soil research institute of Chinese academy of sciences, Inner Mongolia agricultural university, jiangsu Middle East experts such as representatives to attend the activity.

                            24.4% of scientific representation

                            Inner Mongolia wulanchabu city known as the "potato chips are China," reputation, the local farmers to grow level is very high, and use the import fertilizer. Because only one season crops every year, so very cautious on farmers to use fertilizer, so the rallies "green shaped" experiment area is also only 30 mu, and farmers to use the traditional import fertilizer is the contrast. It is understood that in order to comprehensive experiment and demonstration of data collection, jiangsu Middle East sent eight salesman in local, one guy has five months didn't come home.

                            In order to ensure reliable yield results, the field had specially invited potato expert professor mei-lian meng, Inner Mongolia agricultural university and nanjing soil research institute of Chinese academy of sciences professor Lin Xian expensive as the expert guidance for production. Yield method is: in both processing through quadrat survey, each samples for 2 line 5 meters, the area of 9 square meters, a total of five repeated. From each test samples are selected by professor mei-lian meng, calculation results number, quantity, choose 3 more than two commodity potato weighing, calculation forage-livestock system, site, every step carefully. In 28 staff after three hours of effort, professor mei-lian meng said: "the yield as a result, farmers using traditional fertilizer production of 3579 kg/mu, 'green shaped for 4454 kg/mu, the production rate of 24.4%."

                            Can have the connotation of green together

                            It is reported, "green shaped" is jiangsu chemical fertilizer co., LTD., in the Middle East nanjing soil research institute of Chinese academy of sciences takes more than a decade the latest research out a new type of fertilizer products. On the market since 2012, have product promotion test pilot sites across the country, won the large planted widely. The characteristics of the "green shaped" in general is ", and ". "All" refers to the comprehensive nutrient, not only contains a lot of elements of NPK, and contains trace elements, ensure that plants absorb nutrition balanced; ", "refers to the core technology, biological fertilizer containing fermented active extract, is conducive to improve the efficiency of crop photosynthesis, reduce urease and denitrifying enzyme activity, extend the fertilizer effect, improve the utilization rate of fertilizer. At the same time, the "green shaped" also contains ecological chelating agent, can activate fixed in the soil nutrient, lightening the harms of soil heavy metal; "Dedicated" is jiangsu Middle East fertilizer will according to different regions across the country for soil testing and fertilizer, adjust the ratio of large and medium trace element nutrient, make crops absorb more targeted. "' green shaped on the rainfed production effect is more significant, some even reached 40%." Lin Xian your professor said.

                            Potatoes are in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region in terms of "circle", each sprinkler circle covered area of 500 mu. This year, the demonstration farm fields into from among his three circles potato 30 acres of green shaped comparison test, the result is out of his expectation. "' green 'fertilizer can gather than import fertilizer not only cheap nearly 600 yuan per ton, and potato seedling early onset, root developed, stem thick, leaf blade thick green black. More importantly, good harvest when the blade to protect green, not premature aging, is conducive to the late grouting, at least 7 days late harvest. According to the price, now a day, every night mu yield 60 kg, a circle can increase 18000 yuan! We've booked a fertilizer, going to a circle next year with" green shaped "!

                            Have the confidence to dealers

                            As a "green shaped" potato producing distributor in Inner Mongolia, li and other farmers, at the beginning of all hold doubt attitude. Because before there are other fertilizer manufacturer looking for her cooperation, all dare not say can win import fertilizer farmers using traditional, so, the salesman of jiangsu Middle East after several times to find her, she is impatient. "I didn't want to talk to them. The import fertilizer has very high standing in the eyes of the farmers, referred to as the 'god fat. The price is lower than import fertilizer, nutrient content less 3%, equal with fertilizer consumption, the yield is higher than it, I think they are bragging."

                            Later, li to see the effect of the experimental field, also to the manufacturer to examine, commitment from the Middle East, jiangsu chairman liu AoGen after "cut a ten thousand - mu", try to set up eight this year began in van. "From the perspective of the yield of today, they are not in years, is the true cow! Before we took the farmers view scene, can only say that the product after using root developed, stem thick, but after all production is king. With this authority after yield results, we are confident that the sales of more than 600 tons this year, next year to more than ten thousand tons, gradually replace the traditional import fertilizer market!" (nlgi 's54th annual)

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