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                            In the Middle East "green shaped" root compound fertilizer BaGui earth

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                            In late August, the reporter field survey in guangxi nanning "guangxi agricultural materials phenomenon" project, who visited nanning several agricultural materials production and distribution enterprises. In visiting these reporters found in the process of agricultural materials enterprise, jiangsu chemical fertilizer co., LTD., in the Middle East's main product - "green shaped" compound fertilizer has been quietly in the agricultural materials enterprise with city "root".

                            Jiangsu Middle East chemical fertilizer co., LTD., guangxi regional manager qi Lin told reporters, "although the nanning area more than 100 agricultural materials with size enterprises, headed by nanning guangxi region with fat structure is more complex, but the Middle East, jiangsu company's 'green shaped compound fertilizer with strength in BaGui takes root in the earth. Although in the process of the guangxi regional economic crops import compound fertilizer usage is bigger, but we can rightfully claim that' green shaped compound fertilizer is not lower than imported compound fertilizer in fertilizer technology, in the cultivation of subtropical fruits such as bananas, we applied the even higher import compound fertilizer." Now "green shaped" compound fertilizer can promote in large area in guangxi region, with its aim is to "elegant passed", "red bull" big brands, such as import fertilizer on this land.

                            Ear for seeing is believing, heard the qi Lin introduction letter, press a line is going to go deep into the most basic to know the retailer's stores. In nanning city xixiang pond area double town wuling village two wood slope a agricultural materials retail shop. According to the shopkeeper Li Rujie, they run for years, stores farmers know that in his town. A lot of their brand, from the "rich", "European", "silicon valley", "sichuan farmers" "kai yuan" and so on a number of domestic brands of compound fertilizer products, "green shaped" compound fertilizer is one of the good brand sales this year.

                            Li Rujie also told reporters that all farmers in this area of economic crops, and economic crops such as banana fruit is given priority to, this kind of "green shaped" pure sulfonium potassium sulphate compound fertilizer is especially suitable for fruit planting, its high potassium formula can improve the sweetness of fruit. In addition, the use of "green shaped" compound fertilizer after the bananas, the stem is thick than general banana a lot, and stem more durable, which makes the used "green shaped" compound fertilizer of banana has stronger than normal banana typhoon resistance. And "green shaped" compound fertilizer and soil is a very important role in the adjustment, repair soil, recently many farmers to go to his shop to buy this kind of fertilizer, mainly used for fertilizer and other mixed use, to achieve the function of soil, virtually "green shaped" compound fertilizer became farmers repair soil "YaoYinZi".

                            "Green shaped" pure s-based potassium sulphate compound fertilizer in the local retail price of 250 yuan/bag, li told reporters that although the product price is a little expensive, but it really is to save the cost of using it later. Lao li for example, the common compound fertilizer on banana usage is only 2 jins, while the use of "green shaped" usage is only 1.2 kg, 50 kg/bag same fertilizer, fertilizer for 50 plants banana application, whereas the "green shaped" could use of 83 strains, settle up the cost of saving is obvious.

                            Introduce finished after the features and advantages of "green shaped", li told reporters that he has 10 acres of land planted with bananas. Journalists decided by plantation in view of the "green shaped" compound fertilizer was applied after all how growing crops. Came to the banana plantation, li told reporters that his this kind of bananas, the locals called "chicken banana (trade name commonly known as" sesame Manila north), the end of the banana growth process, its head is better than general tall some bananas. However, after the application of the "green shaped" bananas, than general banana in height and thick degree has greatly improved. The reporter looked up, visual inspection, the banana plantation nearly 4 meters, the average height can reach the height of all the way across the banana is even reluctant to 3 meters. This piece of banana plantation, lush foliage canopy, Lao li said that this "chicken banana belongs to late varieties, high value-added goods, if again to come two months later, you can see green bananas hanging branches.

                            Out of the old lee gardens of bananas, reporters were "green shaped" seeing is believing the effect of shock, reporter also in thinking at the same time, green shaped by its high quality and the trust of more and more farmers, can be broken in highlighting the fertilizer market in guangxi has a broad heaven and earth. (Song Anyong)

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