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                            • address: Jintan economic development zone, changzhou, jiangsu province, gold road no. 6
                            • customer service hotline: 400-8282-168
                            • 24 hour hotline: 18205022008
                            • sales hotline: 0519-83805566
                            • fax: 0519-83801182/83800082
                            • zip code: 213153
                            • email: zdjtgs@126.com

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                                 For the realization of the enterprise development strategy, the company will integrate resources, promote the brand, strengthen the power, comprehensively improve enterprise core competitiveness, focus on brand, size, strength, technology, services development; To do strongly does the fertilizer industry, upstream and downstream resources, product integration, and based on chemical fertilizer industry, extends the industrial chain. Faced with both opportunities and challenges of today, the company will forge ahead, facing the whole country and around the world, learn from international and domestic industry, for the majority of users to provide quality products excellent service, continuously improve the comprehensive quality of employees, my group really developed into has the size and strength, in line with international standards of modern enterprise.


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